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Fresh International Market

Marketing Analyst Position

[Posted on 08/10/2019]

Position Title: 

Marketing Analyst Position

Job Location

505 S Neil St, Champaign Illinois, United States

Position Type

Full-Time, Bi-Weekly

Scope of Job Responsibilities:

The Marketing Analyst position at Fresh International Market is responsible for leveraging collected data to examine potential sales of store products. This position will perform market research, gather data on prices and sales, and help the market sell products. The position will also help the business understand customer-buying behavior such as what products they need, who buy them and at what price they buy. With the information collected and processed by the analyst, the company will know when and how to sell their products, and how to better serve their customers. Meanwhile, a successful analyst will help the company increase sales and gain competitive advantages among all the markets in the Champaign area. Additionally, this position will use digital marketing knowledge to help the business move forward and transform from a traditional business to a hybrid business type with traditional and e-commerce services. The duties include:

I. 50% of the job is spent in utilizing statistical packages POS and MWS to analyze data and research consumer behaviors to increase sales for the Fresh International Market.
  • Collecting and analyzing data on grocery customer needs and buying behavior by controlling moderators such as customer demographic variables.
  • Conducting qualitative studies such as literature reviews to identify potential products to market and sell in the store.
  • Extracting quantitative data from external data sources and merging it into the business’s present statistical models.
  • Secondly, summarizing statistical findings with visual illustrations based on collected data.
  • Developing statistical models and metrics that fit the company’s business goals to achieve.
  • Interpreting statistical results in non-technical language and presenting the market research findings to the managerial team.
  • Responding to inquiries from the managerial team and/or other marker research analysts about data sources, research sources, statistical methodologies, statistical results, etc.
  • Working with other market research analysts as a team to achieve the company marketing analysis goals and business goals.
II. 30% of the job is spent in conducting predictions on customer needs and behaviors by using advanced statistical analyses.
  • Researching the supermarket and grocery store industry on factors that affect the company’s product demands.
  • Collecting data from other competitor markets in the same region from a refined data sources.
  • Analyzing competitors’ pricing, shopping center arrangement, customer demographics so the company can strategize and adjust achievable business goals.
  • Predicting market trends and consumer behaviors using advanced statistical analyses such as ANOVA, regression analysis, factor analysis, etc.
  • Cooperating with other market research analysts to create and refine predicting models.
  • Working with the accounting department to obtain the company’s historical data to maximize the forecasting accuracy.
  • Identifying trends and patterns in complex data sets synthesized through data sources of supermarket and grocery store industry, company historical data, etc.
III. 20% of the job is spent in on-site market research to obtain opinions from customers, vendors, suppliers and company employees.
  • Designing and conducting surveys/interviews to obtain customer opinions such as shopping experience satisfaction, product satisfaction, etc.
  • Communicating with the company product suppliers about pricing, competitors, product comparisons, etc.
  • Conducting on-site interviews to collect shopping market employees’ opinions about the customer shopping experience, product settings, seasonal promotions, etc.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Statistics, Business Administration, Accounting, Finance, Psychology with 1-3 years of work experience and/or internship experience in market research or relevant area.
  • Intermediate to advanced skills in MS Office Suite.
  • Solid knowledge of Excel, Tableau, and Microsoft RMS.
  • Any prior statistical packages in SPSS, POS, MWS, R.
  • Most importantly, candidates must have the ability to communicate effectively, both oral and written; ability to develop and sustain cooperative working relationships.

[16:59 pm 08/10/2019]

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