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Fresh International Market

Food For Cold Weather

What could be better than eating a plate of heart warming dumpling in this cold weather? Nothing!

Dumpling is a broad classification for dishes that consist of pieces of dough wrapped around a filling or of dough with no filling. It is too general that “dumplings” are pretty much all over the world.

Let’s start the dumpling discussion with Asian Dumplings. Traditionally, Dumpling aka “jiaozi” was believed to be invented during the era of the Eastern Han Dynasty (AD25-220)by a Chinese Doctor named Zhongjing Zhang. Zhongjing is a well-known practitioner of traditional Chinese Medicine. Jiaozi was referred to as “tender ears” because Mr. Zhang creates this recipe to treat people’s frostbitten ears.

In Asian, Dumplings are divided into various types depending on how they are cooked:

  • Boiled
  • Steamed
  • Pan Fried


There are no specific fillings to make Jiaozi. As a dish prepared at home, each family has its preferred method of making them. Different types and methods of preparation varying widely from region to region. Common dumpling meat filling includes pork, beef, chicken, fish, and shrimp, which are usually mixed with chopped vegetables and seasonings. Popular vegetable fillings include napa cabbage, scallions, leek, celery, mushroom, and garlic chives.

Guangdong Style

Jiaozi is called Gaau ji in Cantonese and are standard fare in Guangdong style Dim Sum. The Immediate noted difference to Northern style is that they are smaller and wrapped in thinner translucent skin and usually steamed. Guangdong style Gaau Ji is rarely home-made because the translucent wrapper is hard to make. The most famous Guangdong style dumpling is Har Gow which is commonly made of shrimp but can vary depending on the restaurant.


Guotie is Pan fried jiaozi, also know as Potstickers. A well-known northern style street food. This dish is sometimes served in Dim Sum Menu in the South. The fillings are usually contained meat. Guotie is shallow fried in a wok. A small quantity of water is added and the lid is closed to create steam to cook the top part of the guotie. Some believe guotie taste better than boiled jiaozi since it has more flavor and crunchiness to it.


The Japanese word Gyoza was derived from the reading of jiaozi 餃子 in Mandarin. The Main Difference between Chinese Jiaozi and Japanese Gyoza is the note of Garlic Flavor, which is less noticeable in the Chinese versions. The most common type is the pan-fried Gyoza called yaki-gyoza. Similar to Chinese pot stickers.


Fresh International Market has frozen Dumplings, Pot Stickers, Korean Dumpling, Japanese Gyoza. Bring them home! Boil, Pan Fry, Steam, put them in your favorite soup…however and whatever you want them cooked! let’s start the party with a plate of heartwarming dumplings and show off your cooking skills to your friends!