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Job Duties
1. To evaluate the economic strength of complex and challenging market place in the United
2. To perform market and financial analysis of the subject products;
3. To research and analyze various government and local government, and universities'
databases and websites on population and racial ratio;
4. To prepare and conduct surveys on customers' buying habits and desired foods through
mobile applications and official websites;
5. To prepare reports of findings, illustrating data graphically and translating complex findings
into written reports;
6. To research market conditions in potential regional area by collecting data on customer
preferences and buying habits;
7. To gather data on competitors and analyze their prices, sales, material costs, and method of
marketing and distribution;
8. To collect and analyze data on customer demographics, preferences, needs and buying habits
to identify potential markets and factors affecting product demand;
9. To devise and evaluate methods and procedures for collecting data, such as surveys, opinion
polls, or questionnaires, or arrange to obtain existing data;
10. To forecast future market trends;
11. To prepare detailed business plans, and make recommendations to senior management

12. To assist sales manager in evaluating the products costs decisions and execute marketing
13. To make recommendations on potential and qualified projects based on analyses of data on
products costs and projected returns.
1. Collect statistical data
2. Compile numerical or statistical data
3. Create mathematical or statistical diagrams or charts
4. Explain complex mathematical information
5. Perform statistical modeling
6. Use mathematical or statistical methods to identify or analyze problems
7. Use relational database software
8. Confer with scientists
9. Use current social research
10. Use library or online Internet research techniques
11. Collect social or personal information
12. Recognize interrelationships among individuals or social groups
13. Recognize interrelationships among social statistics or indicators
14. Maintain awareness of social trends
15. Prepare technical reports or related documentation
16. Prepare reports
17. Use spreadsheet software
18. Analyze social or economic data
19. Interpret charts or tables for social or economic research
20. Interview customers
21. Learn trends in world trade
22. Use knowledge of economic trends

23. Use labor market information
24. Conduct field research or investigative studies
25. Use knowledge of investigation techniques
26. Follow confidentiality procedures
27. Develop policies, procedures, methods, or standards
28. Use word processing or desktop publishing software
29. Analyze market or delivery systems
30. Develop tables depicting data
31. Direct and coordinate activities of workers or staff
32. Direct implementation of new procedures, policies, or programs
33. Identify potential markets
34. Write business project or bid proposals
35. Plan surveys of specified group or area
36. Analyze scientific research data or investigative findings
37. Direct and coordinate scientific research or investigative studies
38. Plan scientific research or investigative studies
39. Provide expert testimony on research results
40. Use quantitative research methods
41. Use scientific research methodology
42. Advise governmental or industrial personnel
43. Collect scientific or technical data
44. Confer with research personnel
45. Forecast or predict phenomena based upon research data
46. Recommend further study or action based on research data
47. Analyze sales activities or trends

48. Conduct market research
49. Conduct survey research of specified populations
50. Develop marketing strategy
51. Monitor consumer or marketing trends
52. Use marketing techniques
53. Use product knowledge to market goods

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